Three Famous Companies That Use Metal Rollers

It is said that often the littlest things often make the biggest difference. One good example is that of metal rollers. Metal rollers help to move and transport a massive amount of the retail goods and services that we buy and use every single day. Hardly anything that is packed into a box and shipped gets to its final destination without the assistance of this simple invention. There are three famous companies that use metal rollers every single day.

1) Amazon

With an annual operating revenue of more than $12 billion dollars, Inc. is largest retailer of books, music and other media as well as software, home appliances and other items. Every time a person buys something from Amazon, the details of their order is then sent to the Amazon distribution for processing. Every item that is shipped by Amazon rolls hundreds of feet through shipping centers on metal rollers before making it the customer’s home.

2) Federal Express

Founded in 1971 in Little Rock Arkansas, Federal Express Corporation grew over the next few decades to become one of the largest and most successful shipping companies in the world. After branching out in 1998 to create an import-export arm of their business, FedEx continued to grow as worldwide leader in the shipping industry. Nearly every single item that gets moved by FedEx passes over countless metal roller systems.

3) United Parcel Service

United Parcel Service—better known to most as UPS—was founded in 1907 as the American Messenger Service by James Casey and Claude Ryan with a $100 loan that was secured from their first investors. The primary focus of the company was on package delivery to retail stores before it grew it become the giant shipping company that it is today. Without the use of metal rollers, it is doubtful that UPS could process hundreds of thousands of orders every day. If you someone you know is interested in purchasing metal rollers, visit

The modern world is an amazing place in terms of retail consumption. Consumers are able to order products from all over the world and have them delivered to their front doors, thanks in part to the help of metal rollers.


September 2020

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